Fleet Equipment Magazine Answers Your Burning Wide Base Tire Questions

Adoption of wide base tires has continued to increase in the years since their entrance into the market in 2000. Still, they make up a relative minority of the market, and many fleet managers may still have questions about whether wide base tires are right for their fleet. So with that in mind, let’s tackle four of the biggest questions surrounding wide base tires.

— Fleet Equipment Magazine Answers Your Burning Wide Base Tire Questions

Alex Crissey, Associate Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine covers some questions a lot of our dealers have on wide base tires. Alex provides insight into the following questions:

  • Who should use wide base tires?
  • How many fleets spec wide base tires?
  • What kind of ROI can a fleet expect?
  • What is different about retreading wide base tires?

It’s great article worth a quick read! Find the entire article by visiting the Fleet Equipment Magazine Web Site.

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