Michelin Changing the Game, Again!

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Michelin Changing the Game, Again!

This content has been adapted from recently published content by Michelin. To view the article in its entirety, click here.

“Heralded as a ‘game changer’ the MICHELIN EvoBib was awarded the SIMA 2017 Innovation Gold Medal and is an evolutionary new tire, a ‘2 in 1 tire’ that adapts its profile and footprint according the farmer’s requirements.  At ultra-low pressures the contact patch increases to reduce soil compaction, whilst enabling power transmission to be increased, whereas at higher pressures the tire transforms so that only the central continuous band grips the road, giving a smoother vibration-free ride, fuel savings and improved safety.

The EvoBib also shares the famous MICHELIN Ultraflex technology with AxioBib 2 which offers the best load capacity in its class, low ground pressure and very high levels of traction in the field.

The CargoXBib HF is a high flotation tire that continues the theme of carrying high loads whilst preserving the soil. Operating at half the pressure of a conventional trailer tire it ensures farmers save time and energy and assists in optimising crop yields.

Michelin’s challenge is to equip these powerful technically advanced machines with tires that will improve useful power transmission, agronomic efficiency and the performance of their operations, whilst protecting the soil and reducing fuel consumption.  At SIMA 2017 showcases three products that meet these challenges; the new MICHELIN EvoBib – making its world premiere at SIMA, AxioBib2 and CargoXBib HF.

Michelin is committed to helping farmers today as they are challenged to grow food sustainably at affordable prices. Farmers are using progressively larger machinery which has to perform both in the field and on the road, and these assets are being used more intensively with the time spent on roads at high speeds increasing as farmers endeavor to maximize efficiency and productivity.