New Chinese Truck Tire Tariffs Are Effective Immediately

New Chinese Truck Tire Tariffs Are Effective Immediately

Previously published by Modern Tire Dealer, February 15, 2019

It didn’t take long for , the truck tire tariffs to be implemented. On Jan. 30, 2019, the International Trade Commission reversed an earlier decision and ruled the U.S. tire market was being harmed by the importing of truck and bus tires from China.

At the time, it was likely truck and bus tires imported into the U.S. from China would be subject to tariffs.But nothing was definitive.

A little over two weeks later, it is definitive. Effective Feb. 15, 2019, countervailing duties, ranging from 20.98% to 63.34%, and antidumping duties, ranging from 9% to 22.57%, have been implemented.

For more information on the decisions — and which company has to pay what tariffs — check out these links:

For countervailing duties, click here.

For antidumping duties, click here.

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