The Michelin Tire Care Maintenance Program is Being Upgraded

— The Michelin Tire Care Maintenance Program is Being Upgraded

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Michelin first introduced the Michelin Tire Care service in 2015 to proactively assist fleets in identifying and addressing tire issues that lead to downtime, low mileage, high fuel costs and safety risks.

In the past year, Dimenna said 20 percent of vehicles inspected in the Michelin Tire Care program comprised a Red Tag event, or critical issues that require immediate attention to avoid an ERS event or CSA violation, while 63 percent of vehicles inspected reported a Yellow Tag event, an issue that results in additional long-term costs. The Tire Care program has been instrumental in maximizing uptime and reducing cost for participating fleets.

“Since implementing Michelin Tire Care, Transervice has seen a definite reduction in our monthly emergency road service calls,” said Ron Reid, operations manager of Transervice Logistics, based in New York. “We are averaging 2.5 tire-related ERS calls per month — down from 5.5 per month last year — which helps us save $2,000 per month. And the Michelin ONCall program has reduced our average downtime by 35 minutes per ERS event.”

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